Backup the CI Fuzz server

To prevent data loss and ensure high availability it is recommended to create backups certain repos of the CI-Fuzz server. This will help you to restore your server config and valuable fuzzing data such as the corpus and findings. In case the corpus is lost, the fuzzer will have to start fuzzing the SUT "from zero", without the prior knowledge from previous fuzzing runs. Rebuilding a corpus that was build up by months of continuous fuzzing would cost you computing power and time.

The project specific configuration, which basically describes how to fuzz your software under test (SUT), is maintained in the .code-intelligence folder in the git repo with the code of the SUT. It is therefore already included in your backups of your code repositories.


Directories to include in backup:

The data directory /root/.local/share/code-intelligence

The server config yaml located at /root/ci-config.yaml or /etc/ci-fuzz/config.yaml

The installed CI-Fuzz binaries at /opt/ci-fuzz-<version>

By default the server is run as root. If another user is used, the paths have to be adjusted accordingly.